Our organic granola, cereals, specialty flour, baking mixes, and cold-pressed oils are made in small batches to ensure exceptional freshness and taste.

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Learn about everything from the difference between rolled oats and quick oats, to the importance of fibre, to what makes a product gluten-free.

Our Story

When we switched to sustainable organic farming methods in 1989, we were actually returning to agricultural practices that were similar in many ways, to those used on this same farm by my great-grandfather nearly 100 years earlier. This meant no toxic chemicals or pesticides; a small carbon footprint; crop rotations to help control weeds and pests; and growing our own “green-manure” legume crops that fix nitrogen and are then ploughed-down to improve soil health and fertility.


Explore our family-tested recipes showcasing Highwood Crossing products: cold-pressed oils, whole grains, specialty flours, cereals and gluten-free products.

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