Rebecca Moses, by Groom & Style

Highwood Crossing Foods was named one of the top Organic Farm Companies in the world by Groom & Style an independent online review group. They have us in #3 spot on a list of 18 other organic companies… (read more)

Highwood Crossing named to Ace Bakery’s Artisan Incubator

Gwendolyn Richards, Calgary Herald

The couple behind High River-based Highwood Crossing, known for their grains, cereals and flax oil, has been named one of 20 up-and-coming food artisans in the country by ACE Bakery and a panel of chefs and writers…  (read more)

Good Clean Food

Susan Mate, Routes Magazine

There is work to be done in educating people about the movement toward healthy, clean, local food, but there are also many gains of late.  Nearly 40 food producers, farmers and like-minded merchants recently joined forces to create a local chapter of Slow Food International … (read more)

Organic Outlook

Jackie Sloat-Spencer, Food Service and Hospitality

Living and working on a family farm, Tony and his wife, Penny, a food educator, have farming in their DNA.  The couple’s Aldersyde, Alta.-based operation has been in Tony’s family for more than 100 years, and Penny was raised on a large farm. … (read more)

Canada’s Gold

Pamela Cuthbert, Maclean’s

For those concerned about genetically modified organisms, organic ingredients, industrial seed patents and the rising worldwide issue of the farmers’ right to seeds, canola is not entirely wholesome.  That’s where cold-pressed canola, sunshine-hued and with heady floral notes that reveal the plant’s true nature, comes into play. As rare as hen’s teeth, it’s making a splash thanks to two small-scale producers in Canada: Jason Persall in Ontario and innovators Penny and Tony Marshall, south of Calgary, who happen to be smack in the heart of canola country. … (read more)

A Different Kind Of Oil Patch

Leslie Scrimshaw, Harrowsmith Magazine

Hawks soar overhead and just past a row of granaries on a farm near High River, Alberta, the Highwood Crossing Farm building emerges. It’s Monday. A thread of steam rises from the chimney and the aroma of freshly baked granola fills the air. Tony and Penny Marshall’s farm nestles beside an old ford on the Highwood River. It’s been in Tony’s family for 108 years, a long time by prairie standards. It’s also small by prairie standards; only 320 acres, tiny in the era of feedlots and agri-business. It’s just not big enough to support the machinery needed to farm here. … (read more)



A Slow Food Odyssey: Terra Madre 2004

Tony and Penny Marshall, City Palate

Imagine 5000 sustainable food producers from all over the globe – farmers, ranchers, fishers, bakers, chefs, cheese makers, brewers, vintners and more – together in one room. Now visualize this very unique and independent assembly working in harmony to develop strategies that promote the distinctiveness and diversity of their own lands and products, while concurrently striving to counteract economic globalization. In October 2004, we attended just such an event: Terra Madre … (read more)

Family Farm Wins Innovation Award

Maureen McManus, High River Times

Penny and Tony Marshall of Highwood Crossing Organic Farm are the recipients of a Growing Alberta 2000 Innovation Award, recently presented by the Honorable Ty Lund, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, and Ron Brown, executive director of Growing Alberta. … (read more)

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