Cold Pressed Organic Non-GMO Canola Oil

Highwood Crossing Canola Oil is a wonderfully balanced and nutritionally significant oil containing a healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids. Canola oil has a fatty acid profile that is similar to extra-virgin olive oil in many ways except one – it has half the amount of saturated fat. Because of its low level of saturated fat and high level of monounsaurated fat, many say that canola oil has the best all-around fatty acid profile of any edible oil. An independent lab analysis of our organic canola oil found it to contain higher amounts of beneficial vitamin E and beta-sitosterol and lower amounts of harmful trans-fatty acids than in the other canola oils which the lab tested.

 Here are some comments from food professionals that use our oil:

“Life and cooking both need to be intensely flavoured, beautiful and delicious… Highwood Crossing’s canola oil meets all my criteria.” dee Hobsbawn-Smith – Chef, Author, Poet

“Highwood Crossing canola oil is a quality ingredient every serious kitchen needs. The perfect influence to a variety of dishes. Truly a quality Canadian product. Redefines what canola oil should be with its golden colour and outstanding flavour.” Michael Allemeier – Chef Instructor, SAIT

“Highwood Crossing Canola oil is absolutely fabulous! A truly wonderful Canadian product.” Anita Stewart – Order of Canada, Culinary Author, Food Day Canada Founder, Food Laureate University of Guelph

“Highwood Crossing cold-pressed virgin canola oil is about as pure and salutary product as you can get… It’s truly a designer oil: way low in saturated fat, rich and nutty in taste, perfect for drizzling over new potatoes or greens.” Anne Suche – Editor, Western Living Magazine

 Use And Storage

Highwood Crossing’s organic Cold Pressed Canola Oil has been called Canada’s answer to olive oil because of its health benefits, versatility, and intense flavour! Have fun and use this oil as you would a good quality olive oil. It has a bright golden-sun-yellow colour with a taste to match. To the nose, it has a bouquet reminiscent of a field of newly cut hay or sweet clover. On the palette, it tastes fresh and nutty – not at all cloying. It’s great for use in baking or in salad dressings, marinades, and drizzled over fresh tomatoes. The professional chefs who use Highwood Crossing Canola Oil describe it as robust, fresh, golden and buttery.

To use canola oil in baking, substitute in any recipe calling for vegetable oil. If you find the flavour to be too intense, divide the amount of canola oil in half and add either water or applesauce.

To replace butter or lard with healthy canola oil, use the below conversions:

(1 cup) butter or lard = (3/4 cup) canola oil
(3/4 cup) butter or lard = (2/3 cup) canola oil
(1/2 cup) butter or lard = (1/3 cup) canola oil
(1/4 cup) butter or lard = (3 tbsp) canola oil

Once opened, store canola oil in the refrigerator for a best before use of 18 months. Because of the low amount of saturated fat in our canola oil, it can be stored in and used directly from the fridge, unlike olive oil.


Cold Pressed Organic Non-GMO Flax Oil

Fresh Flax Oil is one of the highest vegetarian food sources of the beneficial essential fatty acid omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid). Current research findings suggest that omega-3 fatty acids help lower blood triglyceride levels and maintain the integrity of blood cell platelets. Omega-3 fatty acids are also critical for normal growth, development and good vision to name a few. But because our bodies do not produce alpha-linolenic acid on their own, the only way we can get the benefits of these essential fatty acids is by eating foods that are high in Omega-3’s. Organic Flax Oil is one of the best sources!

Recommendations from Health Canada state that our bodies need a minimum of 1.1 grams to 1.8 grams of omega-3 per day for healthy growth and development. One teaspoon (5 ml) of fresh flax oil contains approximately 2.4 grams of omega-3!

Use And Storage

Our Organic Flax Oil is cold pressed fresh each week in small batches. During pressing, we go to great lengths to protect the oil from light, oxygen and high heat – three external factors that are very harmful to fresh, unrefined oils. Because of this loving care, our flax oil tastes wonderful right out of the bottle drizzled on raw or cooked vegetables, rice or pasta. We especially enjoy flax oil instead of butter with corn-on-the-cob, new potatoes or any cooked vegetables. Highwood Crossing Flax Oil is great used in salad dressings, smoothies, mixed with protein powders, with cottage cheese, quark, yogurt or taken daily as a natural supplement. For a delicious, healthy treat try Highwood Crossing Flax Oil drizzled on top of hot popcorn instead of butter.

Flax oil is not suitable for frying or cooking as omega-3 essential fatty acids are very sensitive to high cooking temperatures.

For best taste and storage results, flax oil should always be kept refrigerated used with 6 weeks of being opened. For longer storage, flax oil can be frozen, in the bottle, for up to one year without affecting the quality.

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