Celiacs And Oats

According to the Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide, published by the American Dietetic Association, people with celiac disease can eat up to half a cup of dry, whole-grain rolled oats per day without harming their health.

Oats, however, are not technically gluten-free because they contain gliadin, a breakdown product of gluten that most people with celiac disease can tolerate. But because oats can become “contaminated” by wheat or other grains during harvest, transport, storage or milling – people with celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivities should take special care when eating oats. We suggest that you always conduct your own trials to determine if a product is suitable for your specific dietary needs.

Highwood Crossing organic oats are milled in a facility that ONLY processes oats. Our oats, however, are grown on fields that do grow other crops including wheat and rye.

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