Organic Dynamic Duo Hot Cereal


Our Dynamic Duo is a comforting, nutritious breakfast for any time of year. Enjoy an easy and quick cooking hot cereal that is a smooth and creamy blend with just a touch of texture. A delicious blend of organic Oat Bran and Organic Quick Oats.

A hot cereal for a quick start to the day along with the healthy addition of oat bran to our popular Quick Oats. Oat bran is an excellent way to increase daily fibre intake. This cereal would also work well for any overnight oat recipes.

Try adding ½ cup Dynamic Duo to ¾ cup of any type of milk or yogurt. Additions could include fruit and flavourings of your choice. Combine and put the mixture in a covered container and set in the fridge overnight. Add nuts or granola as a topping and you have a perfect grab and go breakfast.